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Registration for K-pops Singing Class /K-pops 노래교실 신청안내
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Education Period 2018-01-15 ~ 2018-06-25
Period of
2018-01-11 ~ 2018-01-26
Education Location Seongbuk Global Village Center
Person in charge Leah Kim
Tel No. 02-2241-6383
Subject Registration for K-pops Singing Class /K-pops 노래교실 신청안내
Seongbuk Global Village Center provides a great opportunity to learn Korean famous songs.
It is mostly slow and calm songs which will be easier to learn.
The teacher is a very famous and experienced so you will enjoy a lot!
Do not hesitate to ask anything. Please contact at 02-2241-6383 or sbglobal@sb.go.kr