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medical insurance/tax refund-important!
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Name Train
Date 2018-01-13 05:02 Hit 297
Subject medical insurance/tax refund-important!

1-I was informed about the medical insurance by an agent in the Korean government.  I guess I was misinformed.

2-I am entitled to a tax refund.  I got my tax receipt thanks to your government, but I didn't get my refund.  I'm out of Korea and am in Canada now.  I had to leave Korea for a while.  How can I get my tax refund?  I don't work at my former school anymore, so can the government wire me the refund?  I've been a tax contributor of  yours for years now and wish to have my tax refund of 130,350 Korean Won.

Please help me and guide me.  If you need my school's information, please let me know.