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Recruitment for Seoul Correspondents 2018
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Subject Recruitment for Seoul Correspondents 2018
Attachment 1.외국인주민 서울통신원 지원서.hwp
3.개인정보 제공 동의서(서울통신원).hwp
Recruitment for Seoul Correspondents 2018

Seoul Global Center is seeking foreign residents who will work as a "Seoul Correspondent 2018" offering diverse information
about policies and daily lives in different languages to foreign residents for their settled lives in Seoul.
Those who are interested in playing a role as a messenger for foreign residents are encouraged to apply.

1. Activity period : February - November, 2018 (11 months)
※ The schedule is subject to change.
2. Numbers : About ten persons
3. Languages : Russian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, English, Japanese, Uzbek, Indonesian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai
4. Conditions
- Main tasks : Translating daily living information and policies for foreign residents, reporting foreigner-related events, writing articles and social networking, Training and meetings for the correspondents
- Working days : 14 hours per week (flexible hours)
- Pay : 9,789 won per hour (extra 8,000 won per day for lunch and transportation fare)
5. Eligibility
- A foreign resident who is 18 or above at present (including one who obtained Korean citizenship)
- A foreign resident speaking Korean with TOPIK level 4 or above
- A foreign national with status of stay that allows him or her to work (Except D-10 Visa holder)

※ Preferences
- A person available on weekends
- A person who is running a community, or is active in social media (blog, facebook, personal website, cafe etc)
- A person who has an experience as a reporter, a promoter or a supporter for an organization
6. Documents
- An application form (refer to the attached file)
- A self-introduction (refer to the attached file)
- A personal information consent form (refer to the attached file)
- An identification picture file taken within six months
* Documents for successful candidates : a photocopy of your ID card, basic certificates (for those who obtained Korean citizenship), a photocopy of your bankbook etc.
- You may be asked to hand in a copy of your work experience(s) and TOPIK certificate if needed.
7. Application Procedure: through email or in person
- Email address : lmlsh@naver.com / Visit reception : 5F, Seoul Global Center Bldg., 38, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
※ Make sure you include "your name / seoul correspondent" along with your name in the email subject.
8. Schedule
Application Period Interview Successful Candidates Result
January 22 (Mon) - February 4 (Sun) February 7 (Wed) or February 8 (Thu) February 13 (Tue)
※ The schedule above may vary depending on the Center's conditions.
9. Note
- You are liable for any possible disadvantages caused by mistakes or omissions in your application form. Documents submitted will not be returned.
※ Your application may be cancelled if it contains false information.
10. Contact : Hee Song, Daily Living Consultation Team, Seoul Global Center (☎ 02-2075-4193)