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Recruiting Foreign Volunteers for '2018 Seoul Quality of Life Monitors' Program
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Subject Recruiting Foreign Volunteers for '2018 Seoul Quality of Life Monitors' Program
Attachment Seoul Quality of Life Monitors Application - 번역요원.docx
Seoul Quality of Life Monitors Application 2.docx
외국인주민 서울생활 살파미 신청서_1(Application form_1).xlsx

2018년 외국인주민 서울생활 살피미’ 참여자 모집
Recruiting Foreign Volunteers for Seoul Metropolitan Government's
'2018 Seoul Quality of Life Monitors' Program

서울에서 거주하는 외국인들의 생활 편의 증진을 돕기 위해, 일상생활 불편사항 개선 건의, 다문화가족 정책 제안, 불합리한 법률 개선 제안, 시정관련 제안 등을 수행할 외국인주민 자원봉사자를 모집합니다.

(To improve the lives of foreign residents in Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government is now recruiting foreign volunteers who are willing to provide suggestions about inconveniences in every aspect of their daily lives, such as those related to multi-cultural family affairs, legal and governmental policies.)

2018년 1월17일
(Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City)


○ 접 수(Application Period) : 2018. 1. 17. (Wednesday) ~ 1.28.(Sunday)
○ 모집인원(Number of Recruits) : 70 people
○ 지원자격(Qualifications for Application)


모니터링단(Monitoring Team)
아래 1~2번까지 자격을 모두 갖춘 외국인 또는 결혼이민자(귀화인 포함)
Foreigners or marriage immigrants (including naturalized citizens) who meet all of the requirements below :

① 서울 거주 1년 이상자로 한국어 또는 영어 구사 가능자
A minimum of 1 year residing in Seoul and an intermediate proficiency in either Korean or English

② 서울에 관심과 애정이 많은 자 Applicants with great interests and passion for Seoul
※ 자원봉사 형태로 특별한 신분이나 지위는 부여되지 않음
This activity is considered volunteer work and does not grant any special legal status.

※ 불법체류자(활동 중 불법체류자가 되는 경우)인 경우 자동 해촉
Monitor members who become illegal immigrants at any time during the volunteer activity will automatically be dismissed.

번역요원 ( Translators Korean Nationals )

아래 1~2번까지 자격을 모두 갖춘 내국인
Translators who meet all of the requirements below :

① 서울거주 영어·한국어 통역 및 번역 경력 2년 이상 한국인
Korean Nationals living in Seoul having more than 2 years experience of translation from Korea to English and vice versa.

② 외국인관련 활동 참여 경력 및 적극 참여 가능자
One who has experience of attending activities of foreigners and can actively participate in various programs related to foreigners,

○ 제출서류(Documents to Submit)

  ① 신청서1부(Application Form),

  ② 신분증사본1부(Copy of valid photo identification)

  ③ 각종 증명 서류 ( Required Documents)

○ 접수방법(How to Apply) : 이메일 Submit the application documents by email

  ※ 이메일(Email) : monitor@seoul.go.kr,

  ※ 연락처(Telephone Number) : 02-2133-5076

○ 참여자 선정 발표(Notification of Results) : 2018. 2. 5. (Monday)


<사업개요> (Program Outline)


○ 활동기간(Program Duration) : 2018. 3. 1. ~ 2018. 12. 31.

○ 활동내용에 따라 소정의 활동비 지급(1건 제출당 20,000원 지급)
Monitors will receive a fixed monetary compensation for their activities(20,000 won per report)

○ 3개월간 활동하지 않을시 자동 해촉됨
Monitor members who do not participate for at least 3 months will automatically be dismissed.

○ 위촉식 및 오리엔테이션(Appointment Ceremony and Orientation) : 2018.2월 말(End of February 2018)
※ 일정은 사정에 의해 변경될 수 있습니다.(The above schedule is subject to change.)