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How can I get an alien registration certificate?
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Name AAA111
Date 2018-02-21 11:39 Hit 88
Subject How can I get an alien registration certificate?

Could you please tell me how can I get an alien registration certificate?
I live in Seocho district.
Thank you.

[Reply]    2018.02.21


You may get two types of alien registration certificate depending on your current situation:

If you already have an alien card, then you can get a certificate of alien registration (외국인등록사실증명서) by simply showing your alien card at the Seocho district office (you will have to prepare the charge of 2,000won).

If you do not have an alien card, you will have to visit the immigration office first to obtain a domestic residence report certificate (국내거소신고증) and then visit the Seocho district office to get a certification of domestic residence (거소사실증명서, charge of 2,000won). 

If you need a certificate of entry, you can get it from the Seocho district office by showing your alien card or the domestic residence report certificate. (charge of 1,000won).

The certificate of alien registration, the certificate of domestic residence, and the certificate of entry can be also issued online.

Seorae Global Village Center can help you getting those documents