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Seoraepia Urban Gardening

- Non-profit initiative to grow our own food -

If you like working on gardening and enjoy activities such as digging, ranking, weeding, watering and

harvesting and want to be part of a sustainable gardening initiative in the heart of the city,

this program is for you.

We are looking to form two to three groups of dedicated "gardeners" made up of 7 people with at least 1 or 2

supervising adults. This will be a collaborative process with everyone involved with the support of the Seocho

district and partly funded by the city of Seoul. If you cannot commit but have ideas related to community

garden in general, please contact us by email or by visiting us.


                                                   For who : Foreign adolescents and adults

                                                   Material Fee: None

                                                   Venue : SGVC

                                                   RSVP : seorae@seoul.go.kr or 02-2155-8916


Seoraepia Urban Gardening 2018 | Orientation
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Name 박소연
Date 2018-02-27 13:48 Hit 636
Subject Seoraepia Urban Gardening 2018 | Orientation

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