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about tax refund
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Name Train
Date 2018-03-23 12:43 Hit 294
Subject about tax refund

1-I got advice from my Canadian embassy and they told me to consult the NTS in Korea.  I did that and discovered that they refer me to a labour expert.

My situation is this.  I found out by a labour attorney (not a labour expert) that my school is violating article 36 of the labours act.  The school refuses to pay me my tax refund.  Because of the school's illegal practices, we teachers had to leave our working visa to work elswhere.  We were badly treated last year.  Anyhow, now that I have to file taxes in my own country, I have to show my work taxes in Korea.

The school owes me a tax refund.  I spoke to the NTS who cannot help me collect it.  The NTS told me that I have to consult a labour expert for this.

This is a completely disgusting issue about a school that is ripping its teachers off.  The school is refusing to pay my tax refund with an excuse that is not at all justified.  I got advice from a labour attorney who defends me as a teacher, but who cannot do a lot to help me since he's not an expert.

Please give me names of tax labour experts who speak English and who can help me solve this.

Again, my former school owes me a tax refund.  They claim something that is not true.  A labour attorney whom I know showed me that the school is violating article 36 of the labours act and that it owes me a tax refund.  I need an expert for more details.